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Blocked Drains

Problem with blocked drains? We know how to unblock, fix or repair a blocked drain.

Call Highlander Plumbing Services when you need a plumber with specific experience in clearing & cleaning blocked drains…

If you are having trouble with your blocked drains, we have the right solutions, offering master plumbing near Sydney. In fact, cleaning & clearing them is what we do best. We can fix, unclog or repair any drain with the best services and plumbing repairs in Sydney.

Special Update: We are happy to announce our latest weapon in our war on blocked drains… Vaporooter, a herbicide-fumigant developed specifically to control tree root regrowth in sewer lines and drains.

Cleaning blocked drains is both an art and a science…first we have to identify the cause…and then determine the best solution to solve your blocked drain problem.

As a leading plumber with access to modern camera technology we are able to isolate the problem causing areas. We can then use our locating equipment to pin point exactly at ground level where the problem is and how far below the surface it is. This saves time and money. Once we know the cause, we can then identify the best solution for clearing blocked drains. Yep, whatever is causing the blockage, we will unclog it or fix it.

Even with Vaporooter added to our arsenal, sometines the traditional methods for clearing blocked drains still work best in some cases. All of our service trucks are equipped with water jetting equipment (also known as high pressure water jetters or water blasters) and drain cameras. We can unclog a drain blockage, cut tree roots, clear tree root and grease drain blockages.

We have been using water jetters longer than most Sydney plumbers. We also invest a huge amount in having the latest equipment to get your job done properly. Don’t risk your drain clearing services with someone without the experience or the right gear. Don’t let a “bum crack” plumber near your clogged drains!

Our water jetting machines with root cutting technology are a far superior way of clearing drains than electric eels. We have not used an electric eel since 1997 and we won’t be using one any time in the future.

Contrary to old school thought, a water jetter does not blow pipes apart, nor does it break pipes. If anything, a mechanical dinosaur like an electric eel with its metal cables thrashing around would be more likely to cause pipe damage.

We can use the water jetter in conjunction with a drain camera to fully clear and guarantee a sewer or drain. Just like a surgical operation, we always recommend using the camera at the same time with the water jetter – would you let a surgeon operate on your body without any vision?

Perhaps only a small section of an old sewer was in need of repair. Don’t replace the sewer unless we see inside it with a camera first! We could save you thousands of dollars and save your beautiful landscaping and driveway too!

We can help with blocked drains that small as well. We can use chemical drain clearers such as “Mo-Flo” or we can use our new hand-held power “mini eels”.

All of our equipment can be used on blocked & clogged stormwater drains as well. Water jetting is very effective to remove dirt and leaves from the drains. Did you know 90% of all rising damp issues are related to faulty stormwater lines. Stormwater drainage is not regulated and inspected by Sydney Water the way sewer drains are. Dodgy, broken connections are quite common. Our camera technology can let you know where you stand. Remember… rising damp is bad news, so is a roof leak caused by blocked drains and clogged or broken stormwater drains.

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