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Wet Wipes will block sewer

24 Feb 2015

article-2223482-15B2A8ED000005DC-216_634x273In the last year new wet wipes have increased in popularity. What are they? Well, they are wipes that you’d normally use to clean up a number 2 on a baby. It seems that adults now long for that baby clean feel too.
It is very hard to write this blog with a straight face, perhaps this is why I’m a Plumber.
You see, when you normally do your business and use standard toilet paper a remarkable miracle occurs. The paper dissolves to nothing, it’s like magic. Sometimes when people run out of toilet paper they are forced to improvise and this is when the problem starts. Kitchen paper, tissues, baby wipes and believe it or not, newspaper doesn’t break down after it’s been flushed and that means one thing, sewer blockage.
Now despite the claims these new adult wipes break down, we are seeing a spike in blockages because of them. Don’t get me wrong, we here at Highlander Plumbing love clearing sewer pipes, we could do it all day, but we need to provide a duty of care to our customers to use these wipes with caution.
The risk of using the wipes is minimized if your house has perfect PVC, well graded sewer system, but if you like the majority of people in Sydney, have a dodgy old sewer system with old Terracotta pipes, then you’d be advised against using the wet wipes. The clearing of sewer pipes with water jetting equipment can sometimes be costly and in this case could have been avoided.
After reading all of this and decide to keep using the wet wipes then please call us when the sewer blocks up, I will greatly appreciate your assistance in paying for my kids’ school fees!

Emergency Plumbing

21 Dec 2014

Emergency Plumbing

Everyone dreads a Plumbing emergency, especially after hours or on the weekend, or worse, when you have a house full of guests. If its Emergency Plumbing you need, Highlander Plumbing can help.

You will be please to know that Highlander Plumbing covers all Emergency Plumbing including;

Burst hot water systems. No hot water. Your hot water pilot light won’t go on. All water pressure problems including poor hot water pressure. There is never a good time to have no hot water. Call us straight away so we can give you same day service.

It could be gas smells near you gas meter, gas smells in your kitchen, gas smells near your hot water heater or gas smells in your living room. You should never smell gas. Gas is dangerous and has to be repaired by a licensed gas fitter – like us!

Maybe you are worried you have a concealed leak at your house. These leaks may be in the form of: a concealed water leak, water stains on the wall, water coming out of the bathroom, a bathroom leak, a kitchen leak, or a hot water leak. Maybe your water or gas bill was much more than usual, call us!

Maybe one of your taps cannot be shut off no matter how hard you turn the tap, we can help you with; running taps, broken taps, taps that won’t turn off, garden taps, kitchen taps, shower taps, basin taps, leaking kitchen taps, laundry taps.

Maybe the emergency is the dreaded blocked drain when you have a house full of guests. Whether it’s a blocked sewer, a blocked shower, a blocked stormwater or a blocked kitchen drain, we can fix it.

We can also replace broken fixtures that may be broken. We often replace cisterns, basins and toilet bowls that have been cracked. Dropping a hair dryer into a basin and breaking the basin is more common than you may think.

Did someone break a water pipe outside while doing a spot of gardening? No problems, we can fix it. Did someone accidentally drive over the water meter and need an instant repair, just call us!

• Highlander Plumbing is on call 24hrs, 7 days a week.

• Get a fast response when you most need it.

• Quick service, efficient service, fast service, service in a hurry.

• Domestic service specialists.

• Our service trucks are capable on providing emergency service – even when the supply shops are shut.

• We carry water jetters, drain cameras, nitrogen pressure testing equipment, and welding equipment.

• On time, priority service, all hours, after hours, non stop.

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