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At Highlander Plumbing we are your Sydney plumbers, offering fast clean plumbing solutions and the best level of service. With over ten years of delivering the best plumbing repairs and plumbing installation services in Sydney. Our qualified and professional plumbing team can solve any plumbing issues you have. Our Plumbing services are second to none. So if you need a Sydney Plumber fast, we are there for you

Gas fitting and plumbers Sydney

19 Aug 2014

Highlander Plumbing are experts when it comes to gas fitting.

gas fittingOur team can make sure your gas fitting is professionally carried out so you can be worry free. Highlander Plumbing operates in all suburbs in the Sydney metropolitan area, we ensure we turn up on time and we clean up after the job is complete.

Our gas fitting service includes:

  • meter re-locations
  • extending supply pipes
  • installing extra bayonet points
  • detecting gas leaks
  • install your new stove
  • install water heaters
  • install internal heaters
  • remove old stoves
  • BBQ conversion

Don’t risk your life with a dangerous installation! Make sure you use a licensed plumber that will comply with all regulations. Highlander plumbers are registered plumbers and gas fitters, as well as members of the Master Plumbers association. We have with the necessary training and experience that is required for all gas fitting.

A gas leak can be extremely dangerous, even a small leak can cost a lot of money and possible health complications. Where a leak is suspected, our plumbers will be able to use gas fitting tools such as a bubble leak detectors or special leak detection fluid to test for gas leaks. If you do have a house that runs off gas, keep an eye out for signs that may indicate you have a leak including:

  • a faint smell of gas
  • abnormally high gas bill
  • hissing noises from pipe joins

An easy test that you can carry out to check if your gas system has a leak is to turn off all the appliances in your house or apartment that operate on gas. Take a meter reading before you go to bed and then take another reading in the morning when you wake up. If your meter reading has increased it is a sure indication that you may have a leak and should call a gas fitter to look into this further.

Noisy water pipes – Water Hammer

12 Aug 2014

Water hammer – which is the plumbing term for Noisy Water pipes – has to be one of the most common complaints we deal with on a day to day basis. So what exactly is water hammer? Well, it can take many forms and shows itself in many different ways. The exact definition is a pressure surge or wave resulting when a fluid (usually a liquid but sometimes also a gas) in motion is forced to stop or change direction suddenly (momentum change). This annoying water pipe noise commonly occurs when a valve is closed suddenly at an end of a pipeline system, and a pressure wave propagates in the pipe. It may also be known as hydraulic shock.

Noisy water pipesNoisy water piThis pressure wave can cause major problems, from noise and vibration to pipe collapse. It is possible to reduce the effects of the water hammer pulses with accumulators and other features.

This common water pipe noise has to be one of the most incorrectly treated plumbing problems amongst Sydney plumbers. The first thing we recommend is to make sure your property is not running water pressure above 500kpa. This may require a pressure regulating valve be fitted to the mains water inlet on your property. Most hot water heater manufactures will insist on water pressure being limited to 500kpa to have warranties honoured.

Some plumbers can over complicate the treatment of this problem. What we find is that 95% of water hammer is situational, ie; a set of taps needs servicing as the lubrication in the spindles and O ring has failed, causing the valve to jump and creating the pipe noise when the tap is turned on or off. The solution is easy – either service or replace the taps in question. Inlet valves in cisterns are another culprit, once a toilet is at the later stages of refilling faulty inlet valves can bounce and cause this problem.

The other big cause of water hammer are appliances that have an instant shut off via an internal solenoid, like a dish washer or a washing machine where the machine takes the required water needed for the cycle and shuts off when it has taken the water it needs. Situational hammer arrestors can absorb this shock. They can be easily installed between the isolation taps and the hose connections. We find using quarter turn washer- less isolator taps takes the moveable washer out of the equation greatly reducing your noisy pipe problem.

So there’s a very brief insight into this very common problem in your house or unit. Do not ignore the noises; it can become problematic when it causes pipe joints to crack. Contact Highlander Plumbing at the first sound of banging pipes, knocking pipes, taps that seem to vibrate; all of these are early signs of water hammer.

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