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Stormwater Drainage

30 Apr 2015

6beac76f-efdd-4486-bb85-1282cab9ddcbIs your plumbing coping with the rain?

Heavy rain always exposes a blocked or inefficient stormwater system. We can clear most blocked drains with a water jetter, but sometimes there is a bigger problem. Stormwater drainage is the system that takes the rain water from the roof and hard surfaces and disperses it to either the kerb and gutter, a pit to then be pumped to the kerb and gutter, to a holding tank to limit the flow into the kerb and gutter, into rainwater tanks for recycling, or into absorption trenches to drain into the ground.
For some unknown reason stormwater is treated like an afterthought when it comes to renovations or new dwellings. Sewer drainage in ground is regulated by Sydney Water and needs to be inspected before it is buried. This is not the case with stormwater.
The main problems we find exposed in heavy rain from poorly designed stormwater systems are;
• Under sized pipes.
• Underestimated quantity of water from collection areas.
• Underestimated quantity of water into poorly designed absorption pits.
• No form of mesh, grate or grill to prevent blockage.
• Illegal connections to the sewer.
• Inadequate gradient in pipes.
• Gutters that are blocked with leaves.
• Pump failures in stormwater holding pits.

Each of the examples above can create devastating consequences. For example, we have seen stormwater pumps in basements of apartment blocks fail which floods the carpark and all of the cars in it.
There are still cases of illegal connection occurring to the sewer. In the recent rain we came across entire streets with sewers overflowing because too many people had connected their stormwater to sewer.

If you are doing a new stormwater system at your house then do it properly. Engage the services of a good Hydraulic Engineer to design the system, then get us to install it to the correct specifications. If you don’t know a good Hydraulic Engineer then call us, we use a great one. Do it once, do it properly.

Concealed Cisterns Service In Sydney

29 Apr 2015

Concealed Cisterns need to be serviced by very experienced Plumbers.


With concealed cisterns becoming so popular there are more brands putting out models on the market to chose from. Each brand will have their own unique style and their own unique parts. Most concealed cisterns are now pneumatic. This adds a new dimension to the servicing requirements of these type of cisterns.
A standard cistern has two valves, an inlet and outlet.
Pneumatic cisterns include a third valve, the bellows chamber.
This is where experience comes into to play. The symptom of water running into the bowl may not be a worn out outlet valve washer. In the case of the “Hideaway” model which is distributed by Reece, it could be a fault with the bellows chamber. The Valsir cistern is the same.
If we have problems with the Caroma “Water Waifer”, then you have to know the product range back to front. These were amongst the first pneumatic cisterns to hit the market, so they have already produced many incarnations of it, so parts become an issue for the inexperienced.
To add more confusion, the Geberit cistern has its own parts dilemmas to overcome too.
When it comes to these cisterns there are basic rules to follow;
1. Do not attempt to fix it yourself.
2. Do not try to use standard cistern parts.
3. Do not try and mix and match parts from other brands.
4. Do not waste time with other Plumbers that may send a kid with no experience.
5. Call Kevin at Highlander Plumbing, this is where his experience will save you a lot of time and money.

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